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  • Jefferson City, MO is the state capital
    • Missouri was the 24th state in the USA; it became a state on August 10, 1821

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April 8, 2011

Missouri State is located in Midwestern region in the United Sates. The Sate shares its border with eight sates that includes Tennessee, Nebraska, Kentucky, Iowa, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Illinois and Kansas. With 75.9 years Life expectancy, Missouri stands at 38th rank in list of life expectancy. The average population of Missouri State (according to estimates released by US Census Bureau in 2009) was 5,987,580. The Missouri Life insurance laws are framed to protect consumers as well as the insurance companies. Missouri residents have many choices in life insurance coverage. It is necessary that you do good research before signing up for coverage so that your family does not face hardships after your death. Let’s look at some tips that help you save good amount of money on Missouri Life Insurance premiums.

  • Get Life Insurance coverage at young age:

    By opting for life insurance coverage at an early age, you can get the benefit of low premiums at initial stage. However, if you go for Term Life Insurance coverage at an older age, you will be required to pay higher premiums even when you go for short term coverage of 10 years. Similarly, if you opt for whole life insurance coverage at an older age, there is a probability that your beneficiary will not get a good cash value amount as the whole life insurance is based on accumulated cash value.

  • Always buy right amount of insurance and upgrade it periodically:

    Today the inflation fluctuation worldwide is very extreme and there is more probability that the amount that your beneficiary will receive after your death is insufficient due to high degree of inflation. The purpose of taking a life insurance is lost if your beneficiary goes through financial hardships just because the insurance cash value was very less.

    To save your family from this awkward situation, you should always give consideration to inflation while deciding the amount of insurance. The amount of coverage should be 6-10 times more than your annual gross income. Always remember to increase or decrease your coverage according to your current situation. For example, if you are in a profession that involves greater amount of risk, it is advised that you go for high coverage.

    The need to purchase Mississippi Life insurance

    Majority of the Missouri Life insurance companies provide 20% discount (on premiums) to customers that pay annually. Also, the customer also gets some discount if the payments are done through electronic funds transfer.

    It is advised that you never lie to your insurance company while applying for life insurance coverage. The Missouri Life Insurance laws clearly state that if the insured has provided false information while taking the coverage, his/her policy can be cancelled even in a serious situation.

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