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  • The official state flag of New Hampshire was adopted in 1909 (but its design has been in use since 1784).
    • Manchester is the largest city in NH.

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April 11, 2011

New Hampshire is located in the New England region in the US. It was named after the southern English county- Hampshire. Area wise, it ranks 46th among the 50 US states, while population-wise, it ranks 42nd.

In terms of Life Expectancy, New Hampshire ranks 6th among the 50 US states. Life Expectancy in New Hampshire is 78.3 years. Obtaining life insurance has become a necessity for many residents of New Hampshire. If you too wish to purchase one, following piece of information will surely help you:

New Hampshire life insurance rights and regulations:

New Hampshire life insurance industry is regulated as per the Title 37 of the New Hampshire Revised Statutes. As per these codes, insurance policy requirements and claims procedures are looked after by the state to ensure that the consumers (policy holders) are not cheated.

  • Grace period:

    New Hampshire life insurance law requires the insurance providers in the state to provide a 30-day grace period to the policy holders. This means that due to some reasons, if you fail to pay your monthly premium on time, your New Hampshire life insurance provider can terminate your insurance policy without providing you a 30-day grace period.

  • Death Benefit Processing:

    The New Hampshire life insurance law makes it mandatory for the life insurance providers to make efficient and swift payment of death benefits to the beneficiaries. In case all documentation is in place, the insurance provider needs to pay the benefits within 30 days.

    If the insurance providers fail to pay the benefits in the stipulated time, they will be subject to paying interest on the amount.

    Life insurance law in New Hampshire also extends some benefits to insurance providers too. For instance, insurance providers can investigate all the claims made within the first couple of years. In case the insurance providers find any misrepresentation on the policy, they have the liberty to deny the claim.

    The New Hampshire Life Insurance Guarantee:

    In case your life insurance policy is underwritten by a licensed insurance provider, you are eligible to be a member of the New Hampshire Life; Health Insurance Guaranty Association. This organization will help you in case your insurance provider declares bankruptcy. This guarantee comes with certain restrictions. For instance, in New Hampshire, compensation for cash surrender is limited to $100,000 whereas compensation for death loss benefits is limited to $300,000.

    Also, you need to ensure is that you purchase your insurance policy from a licensed company. To check the status of your insurance provider and determine whether it is licensed, you can contact the New Hampshire Insurance Department;at 1-800-852-3416.

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