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  • Major rivers in ND include; James River, Missouri River, Red River
    • State nicknames are; Peace Garden State, Flickertail State, Roughrider State

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April 8, 2011

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North Dakota is the 19th largest US state. With a population of just around 646,844 (as of 2009), it is the third least populated state in the US. North Dakota was formed post the division of the Dakota Territory and was included in the Union on November 2, 1889. The capital city of North Dakota is Bismarck whereas the largest city is Fargo. This first Europeans explored this place in the 18the century. The prominent tribes that were the first to settle in this place were the Hidatsa, Sioux, Ankara, Mandan and Chippewa.

Today, increasing number of North Dakota residents have realized the importance of having a life insurance policy. If you too reside in North Dakota and are planning to buy a life insurance policy, following information about North Dakota life insurance will surely help you:

The North Dakota Insurance Industry:

The insurance industry in North Dakota is regulated as per Title 39 of the North Dakota Revised Code. These codes mention and describe the policy requirements and procedures for the protection and benefit of the consumer (insured people). One of these consumer protection policies is the 20-day grace period that is a must for all North Dakota life insurance coverage. As per this code, if the policy-holder declines the coverage during the 20-day period, he/ she can receive a full refund of premiums paid.

North Dakota life insurance laws make it mandatory for the insurance companies to settle the claims within two months after receiving the policy-holders proof of death. Besides, the benefits not paid by the insurance companies by this time will begin accruing interest.

North Dakota insurance law makes it mandatory for the insurance providers to safeguard the privacy of the policy holders. Thus, insurance providers cant disclose any kind of non-public personal information without the policy-holders authorization. Besides, the law also makes it necessary for the North Dakota insurance companies to honor the requests of the policy holders concerning the release of medical information.

While ensuring that the life insurance policy holders are offered a fair deal, North Dakota life insurance law extends some protection the insurance providers. For instance, the insurance law clearly states that the insurance providers need not honor the claims, wherein suicide is the cause of the policy-holders death. In addition, insurance companies need not honor any claim during the first couple of policy years, if they find out and prove that the policy holder has misrepresented himself/ herself on the insurance policy or its application.

Your lifestyle habits can have a bearing on your insurance policy premium rates. If you are a habitual smoker or drinker, your health will surely decline with time. No insurance provider will like to provide a life insurance policy to a person who has risks involved with regards to his/ her health. Hence, if you have drink or smoke excessively, it is time you quit them for good. By maintaining a safe nd healthy lifestyle, you can obtain a policy with cheap premiums.

When purchasing North Carolina life insurance policy, you need to know that the insurance providers in North Carolina offer a free look period of at least 10 days. This means that within these 10 ays, if you feel the policy you have bought does not suit your requirement, you can cancel the policy and get full refund.

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