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  • James Buchanan was born in Cove Gap (near Mercersburg) on April 23, 1791
    • Philadelphia is the largest city in PA

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April 11, 2011

Pennsylvania is located in the Middle Atlantic and North Eastern regions of the US. It accommodates Allentown, Philadelphia, Erie and Pittsburgh- some of the most popular and most populated cities in the US. With a life expectancy rate as high as 76.7 years, Pennsylvania ranks 31st among the 50 US states, when it comes to Life Expectancy. In these uncertain times, its always a better option to have a life insurance to ensure that your family has some form of financial support in case you are not in the picture.

The Pennsylvania life insurance is regulated as per the specified title. The State Insurance Code of Pennsylvania. The state follows this code to regulate the insurance claims of the policy holders and safeguard their interests.

  • Following are some of the aspects of Pennsylvania life insurance law you need to know, when purchasing a life insurance policy:

  • Death Benefit Processing:

  • As per the Pennsylvania state code, it is necessary for the insurance providers in Pennsylvania to process the death benefit claims at the earliest (within 60 days), provided all documentation is in order. In case an insurance company fails to settle the claim within the stipulated time, it would be required to pay a certain amount of interest.

  • Free Look:

    If at first, you do not feel uncertain about the life insurance policy you have opted for but are worried whether you will receive full refund on the cancellation of policy, Pennsylvania life insurance law has a perfect solution for you. As per the free look policy, you can cancel your life insurance policy (even after you have signed the contract) and get full refund if you think the policy does not suit your requirement. This time period will allow you at least 10 days to reconsider your decision. Some Pennsylvania life insurance companies even offer a 30-day period to turn in the policy.

  • Grace Period:

    The Pennsylvania life insurance law has made it obligatory for the life insurance companies to provide a 30-day grace period on late payments. Thus, in an event you miss a premium payment for some reason your Pennsylvania life insurance provider will provide you with a 30-day grace period before terminating the policy.

    Pennsylvania life insurance laws also have provisions to safeguard the interests of the insurance providers and prevent any kind of insurance fraud. For instance, the insurance law allows the insurance companies to challenge the information you provide on the policy paper for up to two years.

    Now that you have brief information about Pennsylvania life insurance, choose the most suitable insurance policy for you. You can refer the Internet to get quotes from multiple life insurance providers in Pennsylvania.

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