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  • Utah is the 34th most populous state in the USA
    • Salt Lake City is the capital and largest city in Utah

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April 8, 2011

Utah is a state in the United Stated located in the western regions of the country. It is the 45th state that is admitted to the Union. It became part of the Union on January 4 1896. The state has got its name from Ute tribe which means the people of mountains in Ute language. Utah has the distinction of being one of the most religiously homogenous states in the country.

If you are a Utah resident, purchasing a Utah Life Insurance is the best thing you can do to make sure that you provide protection (financial assistance) to your family members in the event of any mishap that leads to loss of your life. Utah life insurance policies are designed specially to help your family member become financially independent and maintain their lifestyle even when you are not there (the bread earner of the family) and compensate them for your lack of income.

Unlike most states, Utah does not regulate life insurance policies at the policy level like health, auto and other types of insurances are legislated. If you are looking to buy a Utah insurance policy you need to be abreast with the states life insurance rules and regulations. Knowing the rules will not only help you get the best insurance coverage but it will also protect your consumer rights.

Insurance companies in Texas provide two types of life insurance

Specifics for Utah life insurance:

As per the Utah State insurance code, all insurance providers in the state should provide a 30 day grace period to the insurance policy holders for late payment of monthly premium. If you miss or fail to make payment for any reason, the provider should provide the grace period before canceling the policy for non-payment of the premium.

The code also protects the interest of the Utah Life Insurance companies. The state code has certain regulations in place to protect the companies from fraud. The state code classifies the insurance fraud as a serious crime. The code empowers the insurance company to cancel the insurance policy, if the company suspects any foul play in the information provided by the policy holder in the insurance application form.

Even unintentional information provided in the application form can result in termination of your Utah Life Insurance policy for up to 2 years and your family members will be left unprotected for the period.

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