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AARP life insurance Over 50
January 13th, 2010
in Life Insurance

We get calls all the time about AARP life insurance and that clients are interested in this.   The bottom line is that AARP has partnered with New York Life Insurance Company to offer life insurance to its members.  No medical exam is required and only 3 medical questions are asked on the application.  Since there is minimal underwriting the premiums are note going to be more than a fully underwritten product.   With that being said it may be of benefit to some to have a product not fully underwritten as health may be a concern.  If that is the case there are other companies that offer similar products that may be even more competitive.

Did you know that the life insurance carriers like when you buy term life insurance?  A lot of clients we speak with think  that it is the agenda of the insurance company to sell them permanent insurance because it costs more.  While of course life insurance carriers want you to buy permanent products, they are quite content when you buy term.   Only about 2 percent of term policies ever pay out a benefit and therefore it is highly profitable for them.   A good option for many is to buy a return of premium term product.   This allows you to have best of both worlds with term, but return of premium if you outlive the level term.  If you are not familiar with this option you should ask about it.  It is usually more beneficial the younger an insured is.

  1. Life insurance is the best tool to secure your families future. I remember getting the cash value from my whole life policy that my parents set up when I was 18. Was so happy to get a check for 15k a year. Amazing stuff.

    Comment by Jack Johnson — June 4, 2010, at  9:08 am

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