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What is affordable life insurance?  It is life insurance that you can afford to pay every month to keep it in force.  I think it is important to calculate the appropriate amount of coverage you should have and work from there.   I would rather have you buy all term life if it would allow you to get the appropriate amount of face amount.   For example, we do an analysis and it determines that you should own 750,000 of life insurance on your own life.   The whole life cost will be too expensive and you would only be able to afford about 300,000 of that type.  On the flip side, you can get 750,000 of term and that fits in the budget fine.   Obviously, it makes sense to cover the need, before you figure out what type of insurance you buy.

If we do the analysis and it is determined that you need 750,000, but can only buy 500,000 of term.  While the 750,000 was the ideal number, I would rather you have some coverage than none at all.  If something is not affordable, than it won’t be long before you will stop paying on it and fall behind.   In order to get the most affordable policy on the market search google, it is important to shop it out and compare rates of all the various carriers.  While it is important to get a good rate, it is also important to make sure you get a good value.   Is the company highly rated and what options does it afford you on the conversion side?


November 11th, 2009
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Jacksonville, Florida — Please make sure you stop and check out what to do if you have lost a whole or term life insurance policy.  If you have misplaced or lost records it can create havoc in the event of a persons death. Many family members may not be aware that any wills or term life or whole life insurance policies even exist after that passing of a loved one, leaving them to sort out the assets and liabilities left behind.  Read more today.

“Unfortunately, there are no public records relating to life insurance transactions.  If a database existed it might be easier to determine if a deceased family member has obtained whole  life insurance, but no such database exists”, said Vince Bagni of Paramount Life Insurance.


When faced with such a dilemma, some basic detective work may have to be employed in order to find missing policy information.  One of the first places to search is the deceased person’s bank.  Find out every bank that the person may have conducted business with, and you will first want to review all of their past bank account records.  Cancelled checks or automatic withdrawals for premium payments to an insurance company may have policy information on them.  Next, check out any safe deposit boxes as many people will keep life insurance policies in them. 

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JACKSONVILLE, FL (32256)– On many levels, affordable term life insurance is considered to be an affordable and effective way to provide a level of financial protection to your loved ones in the event of your own untimely demise. Through the years, term life insurance has been one of the most widely used types of life insurance policies.

During these challenging, complicated economic times, people from all walks of life are looking for ways in which they can save money and make their budgets go farther. Unfortunately, many individuals have come to believe that it is necessary to reconsider the money they spend on financial products such as health and life insurance.  Read More Today..

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Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida — Do you need to protect the financial security of your family?  Obtaining Life Insurance can be a great solution to many future questions that you can’t answer today.   Most  life insurance policies many of the same items in common.   You have to make premium payments to your life insurance provider in return for a death benefit that your carrier will pay to beneficiaries in the event of your death.  Oh, by the way did you know that these benefits are paid income TAX FREE?  You in into a system that in turn will keep your families financial well being secure.  Sounds like a good deal, right?

Did you know that (Permanent life insurance) can also provide a living benefit for various ailments?  Part of your permanent life insurance premium will accumulates cash value on a  tax-deferred basis.  In most instances you can access this cash reserve at any time, for any purpose.  This is known as borrowing against your life insurance policy.   You could use this cash for items like your children’s education, retirement income, and many other immediate needs. It also remains in force during the insureds entire lifetime, provided premiums are paid as specified in the policy.  Consultant with you life insurance planner to see if Term life Insurance or a Permanent life insurance is the policy for you.  Or check out for rates today…

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