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March 24th, 2010
in Life Insurance

What is affordable life insurance?  It is life insurance that you can afford to pay every month to keep it in force.  I think it is important to calculate the appropriate amount of coverage you should have and work from there.   I would rather have you buy all term life if it would allow you to get the appropriate amount of face amount.   For example, we do an analysis and it determines that you should own 750,000 of life insurance on your own life.   The whole life cost will be too expensive and you would only be able to afford about 300,000 of that type.  On the flip side, you can get 750,000 of term and that fits in the budget fine.   Obviously, it makes sense to cover the need, before you figure out what type of insurance you buy.

If we do the analysis and it is determined that you need 750,000, but can only buy 500,000 of term.  While the 750,000 was the ideal number, I would rather you have some coverage than none at all.  If something is not affordable, than it won’t be long before you will stop paying on it and fall behind.   In order to get the most affordable policy on the market search google, it is important to shop it out and compare rates of all the various carriers.  While it is important to get a good rate, it is also important to make sure you get a good value.   Is the company highly rated and what options does it afford you on the conversion side?

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