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Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida — Many Florida life insurance companies really look at an applicant’s age upon evaluating an individual’s term life insurance premium.  Checking into the mortality rate of a person is the focus when underwriting a new life insurance policy.  Furthermore, mortality can be affected by many things other than just age.  Math experts called actuaries look at many facets of an individuals health and behavior and apply statistical concepts to attempt to predict the future of an applicants potential.  Aside from age, your individual characteristics will play an important role in the cost of you whole life insurance or term life insurance policy.  Your quote for term life insurance may be higher than for another person of the same age due to the following factors:  Read more today about the following factors that contribute to your life insurance premium rate. 


November 11th, 2009
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Jacksonville, Florida — Please make sure you stop and check out what to do if you have lost a whole or term life insurance policy.  If you have misplaced or lost records it can create havoc in the event of a persons death. Many family members may not be aware that any wills or term life or whole life insurance policies even exist after that passing of a loved one, leaving them to sort out the assets and liabilities left behind.  Read more today.

“Unfortunately, there are no public records relating to life insurance transactions.  If a database existed it might be easier to determine if a deceased family member has obtained whole  life insurance, but no such database exists”, said Vince Bagni of Paramount Life Insurance.


When faced with such a dilemma, some basic detective work may have to be employed in order to find missing policy information.  One of the first places to search is the deceased person’s bank.  Find out every bank that the person may have conducted business with, and you will first want to review all of their past bank account records.  Cancelled checks or automatic withdrawals for premium payments to an insurance company may have policy information on them.  Next, check out any safe deposit boxes as many people will keep life insurance policies in them. 

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Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida (Life Insurance) – 32082 — Learn more from Vince Bagni regarding your options for Guaranteed Issue life insurance plans that are offered without a medical exam.  Did you know they are offered to those who would not qualify for a standard term or whole-life insurance policy.  Have you reviewed this type of policy recently?  Rates are coming in very low. 


There are similar policies that do require a minimal health insurance questionnaire, or perhaps a basic physical as at least some promise that the prospective insurance customer is not terminally ill.  Get a quote today!  Learn more about Guarantee Issue Life Insurance Here…


October 28th, 2009
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Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida (32082) — Shopping on the Internet is becoming very popular for everything from clothing to cars, and painters to plumbers.  Insurance products are no different and term life insurance in particular has gained a large share of Internet market sales.  As with any type of purchase transaction, it pays to do some homework and become familiar with the products you are purchasing.  Learn more today, Call Vince Bagni, from Paramount Life Insurance to get a FREE analysis.  Read the full article and learn more about online life insurance today.

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