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February 18th, 2010
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ponte-vedra-florida-life-insurance2Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida –  To find the best value in an affordable life insurance policy comes from an insurance carrier that engages in a “complete underwriting” process of all life insurance policies. If your policy is fully underwritten, then the  insurance company does a great deal of research into a the prospective customers health history before a policy is issued.

Much of this information is used to figure out the likelihood that a policyholder out live a policy. Accordingly, much healthier individuals will be able to get a better rate than unhealthy individuals. Life Insurance Underwriting guides will also look at family health history in many instances, but if a certain lifestyle is designed to counter any known family hereditary health issues, most underwriters will take detailed notes.

What does a health life style have to do with life insurance?  A healthy lifestyle includes a complete list of items individuals do to stay healthy such as; exercise, eating healthy and avoiding bad habits such a tobacco use or drinking to much alcohol. Many  underwriters will also consider the nature of an applicant’s employment history as well as certain high risk hobbies. For instance, a person that sky dives is more likely to die on the job than an lawyer is, and someone who jogs regularly presents less of a risk than an active cliff jumper.  Read More Here At Referenced Article:

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Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida — Many Florida life insurance companies really look at an applicant’s age upon evaluating an individual’s term life insurance premium.  Checking into the mortality rate of a person is the focus when underwriting a new life insurance policy.  Furthermore, mortality can be affected by many things other than just age.  Math experts called actuaries look at many facets of an individuals health and behavior and apply statistical concepts to attempt to predict the future of an applicants potential.  Aside from age, your individual characteristics will play an important role in the cost of you whole life insurance or term life insurance policy.  Your quote for term life insurance may be higher than for another person of the same age due to the following factors:  Read more today about the following factors that contribute to your life insurance premium rate. 

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Ponte Vedra Beach Life Insurance News — If you are the beneficiary to a life insurance policy after someone dies, you will have to contact the insurance company to file a claim.  There is some simple paperwork involved in this process, the most important of which is the death certificate.  You will want to obtain several copies of this document, and one of them needs to be submitted to the life insurance company.  Shortly thereafter, the claim should be paid.

The insurance company can issue a check to you as the sole beneficiary, but there are other options to consider.  These other options are called “income options”; they involve smaller payments to you over time. 

When deciding how the claim payment will be made, you need to examine whether the benefits will be used to protect a family over time, provide for your own retirement, or if the money is simply needed to pay off large debts and/or taxes.

Taking a lump sum means that one single payment is made for the face value of the policy.  That money can then be used in any way that the beneficiary chooses.  If this is a large sum of money, special consideration should be given to the income potential of the long haul.  Interest earned from a large settlement over time could provide for a steady income if invested properly.

If the benefits will be used for long term then income options should be considered.  The life income option will pay a guaranteed income for a specified period, or for your entire life.  The insurance company will base the payment on your age and gender.  This type of benefit has the security of knowing that the income will always exist for the rest of your life.  This scenario is common with family members who set up a life insurance policy to protect a spouse.  A Joint and Last Survivor payment option will pay the last living person on the policy benefits until they die.

Another payment option is the Specific income provision.  In this scenario, the insurance company pays part of the benefit from the face value of the policy on a regular basis, with interest.  This form of payment may yield a higher regular payment, but the benefit will end when the money runs out.

A perpetual payment option called an Interest Income Option works well if the face value of the policy is large enough to provide adequate income from the interest alone.  This keeps the original policy investment in tact, and simply pays the interest earned from that investment to the beneficiary.  That income can then be bequeathed to another person in the event of the beneficiary’s death.  This option is the ultimate long-term plan for financial security, but it does require a significant claim payout.

A Fixed Period option can be considered as well.  In this scenario, the beneficiary can specify a time for the payout, and the insurance company will calculate what amount can be paid in principal and interest over that period.  This option would work well to support children until they reach the age that they can leave home and support themselves.

Consider payment options carefully when collecting large insurance settlements.  It is important to wring as much interest income over the appropriate time to get maximum benefit from a life insurance settlement.

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Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida (Life Insurance) – 32082 — Learn more from Vince Bagni regarding your options for Guaranteed Issue life insurance plans that are offered without a medical exam.  Did you know they are offered to those who would not qualify for a standard term or whole-life insurance policy.  Have you reviewed this type of policy recently?  Rates are coming in very low. 


There are similar policies that do require a minimal health insurance questionnaire, or perhaps a basic physical as at least some promise that the prospective insurance customer is not terminally ill.  Get a quote today!  Learn more about Guarantee Issue Life Insurance Here…


October 28th, 2009
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Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida (32082) — Shopping on the Internet is becoming very popular for everything from clothing to cars, and painters to plumbers.  Insurance products are no different and term life insurance in particular has gained a large share of Internet market sales.  As with any type of purchase transaction, it pays to do some homework and become familiar with the products you are purchasing.  Learn more today, Call Vince Bagni, from Paramount Life Insurance to get a FREE analysis.  Read the full article and learn more about online life insurance today.


September 23rd, 2009
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Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida (32082) — The three different types of life insurance on the market are term, whole life, and universal life insurance.  Each type has merit; it just depends on your needs and objectives.   Term insurance is a pretty basic concept.  Try to think of it as being very similar to renting a house.  You pay a specified premium for a period of time and in return are guaranteed proceeds from a death in that same time span.   The most popular term policies are going to be 10 year level term, 15 year level term, 20 year level term, and 30 year level term.  The premium stays the same for that period of time and typically the premiums are very affordable.   “Another type of term product that has become very popular is the ROP (return of premium) option.  This option is a return of the entire premiums paid to the company if the client is still alive at the end of the term.   This option is more expensive than regular term, but it can be very beneficial depending on the clients’ age”, noted Bagni. 

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Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida — Do you need to protect the financial security of your family?  Obtaining Life Insurance can be a great solution to many future questions that you can’t answer today.   Most  life insurance policies many of the same items in common.   You have to make premium payments to your life insurance provider in return for a death benefit that your carrier will pay to beneficiaries in the event of your death.  Oh, by the way did you know that these benefits are paid income TAX FREE?  You in into a system that in turn will keep your families financial well being secure.  Sounds like a good deal, right?

Did you know that (Permanent life insurance) can also provide a living benefit for various ailments?  Part of your permanent life insurance premium will accumulates cash value on a  tax-deferred basis.  In most instances you can access this cash reserve at any time, for any purpose.  This is known as borrowing against your life insurance policy.   You could use this cash for items like your children’s education, retirement income, and many other immediate needs. It also remains in force during the insureds entire lifetime, provided premiums are paid as specified in the policy.  Consultant with you life insurance planner to see if Term life Insurance or a Permanent life insurance is the policy for you.  Or check out for rates today…

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