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February 18th, 2010
in affordable life insurance

ponte-vedra-florida-life-insurance2Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida –  To find the best value in an affordable life insurance policy comes from an insurance carrier that engages in a “complete underwriting” process of all life insurance policies. If your policy is fully underwritten, then the  insurance company does a great deal of research into a the prospective customers health history before a policy is issued.

Much of this information is used to figure out the likelihood that a policyholder out live a policy. Accordingly, much healthier individuals will be able to get a better rate than unhealthy individuals. Life Insurance Underwriting guides will also look at family health history in many instances, but if a certain lifestyle is designed to counter any known family hereditary health issues, most underwriters will take detailed notes.

What does a health life style have to do with life insurance?  A healthy lifestyle includes a complete list of items individuals do to stay healthy such as; exercise, eating healthy and avoiding bad habits such a tobacco use or drinking to much alcohol. Many  underwriters will also consider the nature of an applicant’s employment history as well as certain high risk hobbies. For instance, a person that sky dives is more likely to die on the job than an lawyer is, and someone who jogs regularly presents less of a risk than an active cliff jumper.  Read More Here At Referenced Article:

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