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You can apply for term life insurance with no obligation.  You go through the underwriting process with a carrier and see what the offer is after underwriting.  If it’s good then you can accept the offer and if it is not what you are looking for, then we can take it out and see if we can get a better offer with another carrier.  Most carriers underwrite in a similar fashion, but there can be a significant  difference in some instances.  

When we talk to clients we want them to understand the preliminary nature of a quote.   A quote is simply a guestimate, based upon whatever information the client has provided to the quoting agent.   If the client doesn’t reveal everything to the agent then the quote will probably be inaccurate.  If the client has medical problems that they are unaware of, then the quote will be off.  This is why we reinforce that applying for a policy in no way obligates you.  It simply takes the hypothetical quote and turns it into a real offer or a decline.  The one thing to keep in mind is that when you apply it will go into the medical information bureau (mib).   This will be something that can be seen in the future by other companies, etc.   The bottom line is that you have little to lose by applying for a policy and sometimes we will even apply for two carriers at the same time.     The chances that you will be healthier in the future than you are today are slim and you will certainly not be younger ever.


February 26th, 2010
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Term life insurance rates change periodically and the carrier with the best rate today, may not be the best rate in 6 months.  When we shop the carriers we get the most current up to date rates that exist on the market currently for term life.   It is important to make sure that rates are still applicable to when you are applying for the coverage.    Clients will often wait on applying and the situation may have changed by the time that they get around to it.  Not only can the rates change, it is important to know that it is just a quote.   A quote doesn’t become a rate until you qualify for it in underwriting.    Often times, clients will assume they can get the quoted rate, but when they apply they get a worse rating or declined.

Another item to consider with the current term life rates is whether the carrier is actual age or next age.   If the carrier is actual age, you are eligible to qualify at that age and rate while you are that age.   If a carrier is next age, you turn one year older 6 months prior to your next birthday.   You can save age by backdating the policy prior to your actual birthday or your insurance birthday.   It requires the policy date to be before the event and for the client to back whatever back premium to save age.   Please come by to get the most up to date rate quote for your situation.

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Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida (Life Insurance) – 32082 — Learn more from Vince Bagni regarding your options for Guaranteed Issue life insurance plans that are offered without a medical exam.  Did you know they are offered to those who would not qualify for a standard term or whole-life insurance policy.  Have you reviewed this type of policy recently?  Rates are coming in very low. 


There are similar policies that do require a minimal health insurance questionnaire, or perhaps a basic physical as at least some promise that the prospective insurance customer is not terminally ill.  Get a quote today!  Learn more about Guarantee Issue Life Insurance Here…


June 15th, 2009
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A basic life insurance quote has a few components to it.  The length of the the policy, the face amount, the company, and the underwriting estimate.

The length of the policy must be determined before you get your life insurance quote.  You can either have a level term policy that goes for a period of time or a permanent plan.  Level term plans are either annual renewable term, 5 year level term, 10 year level term, 15 year level term, 20 year level term, and 30 year level term.  The 10 year, 20 year, and 30 year can be return of premium plans as well.  A return of premium plan returns the full premium paid if you make it through the term alive.  The other type of plan that you can get a quote for is a permanent plan life whole life or universal life.

Obviously determining the face amount of the policy is necessary to get a quote.  Ask your agent to take you through the life insurance calculator if you don’t know how much you should buy.  The companies that offer the plan that you are seeking will be included in the life quote.    The final piece of the quote you will receive is the underwriting estimate.  This estimate will take into account whether you are a smoker or non-smoker, health, etc.  Based on these factors an insurance rating is guestimated and thus you will get an estimated rate quote (price).    The quotes can include riders also if you decide to select them.

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Getting quotes on term life insurance and return of premium (rop) term life insurance is easier than ever.  It is important to make sure that you are getting the quote on the proper type of policy that you are looking for.    Through our quote engine at you can fill in your information and get a a quote within a matter of one or two minutes.  For a (rop) quote you can call us at 1-800-554-9142 or to find the most suitable policy we can offer a free consultation.

There are several things that go into selecting a policy and that includes the length of the term, whether you want money back at the end of the term, what company do you want to work with, and what are the conversion options.  If you will keep a 20 year term for only 14 years, then you paid too much and should have selected a 15 year term.   Are you better off getting (rop) or should you do a guaranteed universal life as it will be permanent or do you want to have a whole life plan?   These are the different options and it can seem confusing and that is why we feel it makes sense to get a consultation with one of our licensed agents.  We can help you navigate through the quote process and also be the best estimators of your underwriting rating.   For example, if you receive a quote that is overly optimistic or with a company that underwrites poorly for certain circumstances you could be in for a negative surprise when you apply.

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