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A true life insurance quote
July 28th, 2009
in Life Insurance

Are you a fan of fairy tales?  The reason I ask, is because a lot of the quotes I hear are simply that.   Often times I will talk to a client who got quoted super preferred rates and are 50 pounds overweight.  This makes the prospect happy to hear this and builds up an unrealistic expectation.

A true life insurance quote will factor in numerous items including:

1.  Tobacco use

2.  Current health

3.  Health history

4.  Drug and Alcohol use or history

5.  Profession

6.  Avocations-dangerous or otherwise

7.  Medications

8.  Citizenship/travel

Those are just a few of the factors that can effect a life insurance quote and ultimately the underwriting rating.  When we work with clients we try and gather as much information as possible as  good field underwriters so we can make our best estimate on the potential rate.   Obviously, we explain that everything is subject to underwriting, but based on the information we have received, this is where we will project.  Not only that, depending on what the underwriting factors are it may make sense to quote certain companies.  Many companies have a niche and they underwrite and price better for certain risk factors.   This is why having an experienced agent, who understands this is important.

Make sure when you get your next quote, that the agent isn’t just telling you what you want to hear.  If you do this, you may be setting yourself up for a big disappointment.    Try and be conservative and look at what might be the worst case scenario.

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