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Applying for life insurance with diabetes
July 23rd, 2009
in Life Insurance

Getting life insurance when you have diabetes is definetly a possibility. If you are suffering from diabetes and want to apply for life insurance, there are some important questions to ask.

When were you first diagnosed?
Do you take insulin?
Do you take oral diabetic medications?
What is your current height and weight? Have you lost weight or gained weight since your diagnosis?
Do you suffer from any complications like-diabetic neuropathy, diabetic retinopathy, diabetic nephropathy?
Do you have amputations or are you on dialysis?
What is your current A1C reading and how long has it been stable?
Are you participating in a diet or exercise program currently? Are you curbing your lifestyle to improve your condition?
Do you and how often do you check your blood sugar at home?
Are you compliant with all treatments and recommendations of the doctor?
Do you suffer from any other ailments or take any other type of medication?

With these answers it is helpful as we take this to the underwriters. The more information and the more proactive you are when you have diabetes, the better. Usually, table 3 or 4 underwriting rating is the best you can receive when you are on insulin. If it is non-insulin we are seeing as high as standard with many companies and even preferred with a select few.

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