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Life Insurance after 50
March 31st, 2010
in Life Insurance

There are life insurance choices for healthy people after 50 and for unhealthy people obtaining life insurance over 50.   If you are healthy or not to unhealthy you obviously have many more choices and the whole suite of products and death benefit amounts are available to you.    These products that are fully underwritten will assign you an insurance rating after underwriting which will determine your premium.    Depending on your age, 10,15, 20, and 30 year term can be available to you.   Also, permanent products like whole life, universal life, and guaranteed universal life.   Guaranteed universal life, is very popular with people over 50 as it is a permanent death benefit at the lowest possible cost.   While it doesn’t accumulate cash value like whole life, it will guarantee coverage until age 121.

If you are unhealthy and incapable of getting approved through full underwriting, then you can go for the guaranteed issue life insurance.    These products are issued even if you are uninsurable in the traditional sense, but you will pay a heavy premium for these products.   On top of that you will be limited to face amounts up to only about 50,000.

We generally suggest clients get there life insurance when they are still healthy and can qualify for fully underwritten products.  When you get over 50, more health issues can come into play and it is a matter of time before something will affect your insurance rating.  While the health issue may not make you uninsurable, it may force you to pay 40% more than you would have 6 months ago for the same coverage.  Please call us today at 800-554-5142 and we can walk you through all the various options based on your specific situation.

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