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Life insurance for a child
March 23rd, 2010
in Life Insurance

Is it a good idea to by  whole life insurance for my child?  The answer would be a resounding yes!!!!!!!!!!!!

It will be an incredible asset for your child to have as they enter childhood.   It will also guarantee them insurability, even they become uninsurable during their adult years.

Whatever age the policy is purchased, it locks in that mortality and it never changes.   In other words, the sooner you buy it the more beneficial it is to the policy and the premium will never go up.   The lower the mortality, the lower the cost of insurance.  Also, the earlier it is purchased, the more time the policy has to accumulate cash value.   This cash accumulation can be used to borrow against for the life of the policy.  These loans can be used to buy cars, help fund college, down payment on a house, etc.   On top of that it is a great start for the childs retirement and a nest egg that they will be able to draw upon at some point.   Locking in the insurability is important, so they can guarantee  they have life insurance when they have their own kids.   It may not be enough to cover their whole need as a parent, but it will be a great start that nobody can ever take away from them.

I wish that someone had bought one of these policies for me when I was a child as they are an incredible gift.   It has protection, accumulation, and tax free growth going for it.

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