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May 13th, 2010
in Life Insurance

Often times the service that is provided by a life insurance agent is underestimated.   You might think that the only thing the agent does is sell you the policy and then moves on.   We focus on providing great service to our customers during the underwriting process and after they are officially a policyholder.   I have heard many customers, say that they didn’t know who to call and had to call someone at a call center for a basic policy question in the past.   We are available to our customers at anytime to answer whatever questions they have and whatever adjustments they might need to make.   For example, if they need a change of beneficiary form or need to adjust their address, we help them with that.  If they have a claim, then we are there to help them through the process.

Another aspect of what we do from a service perspective is keeping them informed of any changes, updates, improvements in the industry.    It is important to know what is going on as changes can effect them.  On top of that, we stay in touch about their conversion options.   If they don’t already have a permanent life policy, such as whole life or universal life, it is important to keep them posted on options.   With most carriers there is the option to convert all or part of your policy to a permanent plan with no proof of insurance.   Clients are often not aware of this option and it can be of great benefit.   Service is an important component of what we offer our clients.

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