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January 13th, 2009
in Life Insurance

How will a Paramount Life Insurance Consulant work for you?

  • Our job is to review your current situation and individual objectives.  In many instances a very short conversation can determine what your health insurance and life insurance ( needs are.  On the other end of the spectrum our conversation could be a starting point (or fact finding session) that goes into great details such as,the human value of life, what assetts you have, and especailly going into detail on the tax advantages that an insuarnce product can bring you.   You as the client dictate what direction we need to go.  Answering all of your questions with accurate and usable information is the job of a Paramount Life Insurance Agent. 
    • It is very important that we ask all of the pertinent questions?  We can simply break this down into three parts:

    1.  Your current situation is different from your friends and family

    2.  What are your goals?  (Secure retirement)  Build Income TAX FREE.

    3.  The more your consultant (agent) knows, the better your outcome will be. 

    Get you know your Life Insurance consultant.  Be sure you mesh with your financial advisors.  This will insure that you have a great outcome for all of your insurance needs.  Start planning your future today.  ING is offering great rates on 20 year Term Life Insurance here:

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