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July 20th, 2009
in Life Insurance Quotes

In order for you to get a valid quote for life insurance, you need to give the field underwriter (the agent) as much information as possible. I see these advertisements that say, if you are a 40 year old male, you could get 500,000 dollars of life insurance for 22 dollars or whatever. This is based on absolutely the top underwriting classification. In other words, you can get this if your health is absolutely perfect.

You need to realize that a quote is simply an estimate of what the premium will be after underwriting. After underwriting, each applicant will either be declined or receive an underwriting rating. This underwriting will be either preferred, standard, or table rated. This is why we ask several questions, before we give a quote. We want our clients to go into underwriting with a realistic expectation. If they complete underwriting and the rating is better than we had quoted, then they are happy. When you are looking to get your next quote, make sure that you have provided all of the necessary information. Anything relating to health, medications, avocations, family history, tobacco use, etc. needs to be disclosed. If you don’t you will probably be in for a disappointment when you actually apply for a policy.

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